First french viking fighting gathering - Poitiers 08/31 and 09/01/19


HERJA is an event which aims to gather warriors and warrioresses, Vikings and Slavs, whom will battle together, being as historically accurate as possible, during two days.

In order to do this, we chose the fighting style that requires fencing masks and historical costumes : HEMA / HUSCARL.

One of these principal goal is to improve our researches on the reality of the fights during this era, mostly through battles, but also as discussions circles, demonstrations, conferences and every other activity we will be able to offer you.

HERJA aims to be an event gathering opponents, rather than a competition dividing enemies.


They talk about us! 08/28/19 - Today Herja is on the front page of the newspaper La Nouvelle Répulique! Read more

Black Armoury 08/19/19 - The shop Black Armoury will be here during our event! See website

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Useful information - Swords and scram 05/04/19 - To this day of the first weekend of may, we bring you another article of useful informations for HEMA practice : that is swords and scramasaxes ![...] Read more

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