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What we call group here are several fighters who want to fight together at Herja. Those will not be separated when allocating participants to form sides when doing the great battles. A group is also restricted to weapons and gear (1 sword for 5 fighters, 1 danaxe for 5, etc).

It is only for information purposes in order to get an idea of the number of participants for each activity. The final registration will be on site, on D-Day.

I authorize the recording and publication of pictures on which I appear ; on different supports (written, electronic, audio-visual) and without any duration limit. I also recognize the eventual use cannot undermine my private life and more generally aren’t of harmful nature or cannot cause any prejudice to me.
I certify that my participation at this event is done at my own risk and I would not take the organization and/or anyone else involved responsible for any corporeal or material damage. I also engage myself to have up to date civil and responsibilities insurances.
I declare acknowledging and respecting the Herja ruleset in its entirety. To also respect the place, the equipment and all other participants. I commit to have a respectful, respectable, fair and irreproachable behavior

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