Le programme

Weekend plans


To warm up and meeting each others we propose to you two games we especially appreciate.
Throwing weapon prohibited!

Honorful circles: Nothing more simple. You pick an opponent, you fight, you greet yourselves as respectful persons, and the loser leaves the battlefield. The other participants will do the same simultinaly. If you win, you can pick another fighter still alive. The game ends with the last duel.

Honorless circle: Viking battle royal. No greetings, no civility, no honor. Only one objective : be the last one standing in this battle where everyone fights for its own life.

Bridge fight

Face each others in teams of 5 in a restricted space where a shield is laying on the ground in each team starting area. Two possible way to win:
- kill every other opponent
- touch the opponent shield without dying

The combat area being a representation of a bridge which both teams want to take control, if you put a step outside the bridge we throw you overboard, you will be eliminated.

Throwing weapon prohibited! Weapons restrictions (sword/langseax and danaxe) are not valid for the bridge!


Under a pyramidal tournament tree, come test you ability in single combat, all weapon included.

Throwing weapon prohibited!


- They must composed of 5 to 10 fighters.
- One of the member must be named as the leader. He will be for the rest of the campaign.
- Another member must be named banner-bearer. He will be for the rest of the campaign, unless he dies in which case another member, except the leader, can bear the banner in his place.
- Only 5 fighters of a same team, and always the leader, can be on the field at the same time with the other staying in reserves.

Fighting ruleset:
- All Herja rules apply (hit areas, weapons and gear restrictions etc)
- Changes with the reserves:
- ONLY possible if the banner-bearer is alive and on the battlefield
- Allow to replace a dead simply by walking on the battlefield
- Allow to replace an alive fighter by replacing him on the battlefield

The game is over when:
- The enemy leader is dead
- There are no more opponents alive

End of the battle:
- Only the fighters surviving the battle can fight in the next one : no necromancy!
- Winning a battle by killing the opponent leader allow you to recruit all the remaining fighters of the opponent team, including the reserves, for the next battles.

The great battles

The main activity of these two days ! Two fierce armies, a battlefield straight out of mythology, a rage to vanquish on both sides … What’s better for epic fights !

We will have 3 types of battles during the weekend:
- All weapon types allowed
- No throwing weapons
- No throwing and pole weapons (no spear nor danaxe). There is no sword restriction for these battles.


Traditional icelandic wrestling originating from the viking age.

Schedule and workshop will be set on the run depending on participants and overall fatigue.