Before buying equipement to participate to herja, make sure it is authorized and fit in the ruleset

Weapons & protectionc

Some shops where you can find equipment for HEMA/Huscarl practice.

  • Faits d'armes Equipment and protections for HEMA/Huscarl practice.
  • Black Armoury Weapons and protections for Historical European Martial Arts and Historical fighting : HEMA world within your reach.
  • True History Russian shop specialized in fighting and historical reconstitution equipment.
  • Purpleheart Armoury American shop specialized in fighting equipment, especially HEMA
  • Black Fencer Spanish shop specialized in fighting simulator

  • VB Sword Shop Hungarian smith who propose excellent viking blades at an affordable price.
  • Kram Janettee Polish shop who notably make excellent tough woolen tunic. The only issue is that they are very hard to contact.
  • Perkele Viking shop Another polish shop which propose some leather fighting equipment like gloves and forearms protections.
  • For the Gods French shop which propose some fighting equipment and clothes.

The clothing

Tutorials to craft your own basic clothes without much trouble:

For those who do not have the possibility, the will, or the time to craft their clothes themselves here are a few specialized shops:

  • Perkele Viking shop Polish shop who propose good quality products at a reasonable price
  • Remparts French craftsman specialized in leatherwork, more particularly shoes
  • Celtic Webmarchant Dutch shop selling medieval supplies (in the general sense) including viking equipement, notably shoes.
  • Reenactors German shop specialized in historical reconstitution equipment, notably some excellent legwraps and rawhide for shields.
  • Walhalla Polish shop also specialized in historical reconstitution
A little bit of history

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