There's two kinds of people, those with sharpened swords, and those who dig.

The Clothing

You will find in this section every obligations, recommendations and advices concerning your clothing during the battle. We wish to gather groups of warriors and warrioresses looking as historically accurate as possible. We will try to offer and tolerate a maximum of alternatives to let historical costumes accessible to all of us and for it not to be a drag on your participation.

Weapons & protections

If we wish to obtain relevant armies concerning gears and weaponry, it is necessary to take some time to gather and study historical and archeological datas. We drew conclusions out of them, conclusions that we are sharing here. We also had to make compromises between historicity and security.

The fights

A huge part of our work consist in the building of a list of rules applied to the fight, in adequation with the results of our archeological experimental sessions. These results allowed us to give you the following rules.