Useful information - Spears and axes

Hail ! Here are some propositions in regards to weapons. This thread will be dedicated to spears and axes!

Other simulator models which I’m not aware of might exist, so do not hesitate to give us your experiences.

Let’s start with shafts. You’re looking for simplicity ? Then use hazelwood. It’s a tree that grows everywhere in our regions which makes it very easy to find in our forests, woods and groves. Its wood is flexible yet solid, which is perfect for our practice.

You can also use ashwood, which five a very solid wood with little elasticity. Only issue is you have to find a young tree and cut the stem, killing the plant. You can find it in shops or only specialized websites for tool shafts, but they have been used with planks which makes them more fragile than using the heart of the tree. That being said it stays a good compromise

It exists other types of wood to make shafts, like chestnut for exemple, and you may use what you can find in your region.

Spear simulator

Concerning rubber tip, we particularly like this model at Lames du Foyer. They are rather short but the blunt is very good, never broke and its size avoida marshmallow spearhead effect giving slaps but not valid hits. We recommend this model for 2 handed spears as for one handed it gets heavy quite fast while holding the spear from the end of the shaft.

You can find this blunt at Faits d'Armes

For one handed spear, a certain number of us started equipping with this model which is originally made for javelins. Slight, it makes the spear very manipulable and pleasant to fight with. For now we have nothing to say against its solidity or safety.

You can find this blunt at Black Armoury or True History

It exists another model which feels rather good for impact. Rather rigid to avoid the marshmallow effect and rather tall, we recommend it for 2 handed spears as it is rather heavy.

You can find this blunt at Faits d'Armes, Black Armoury or True History

Rubber blunts will have to be taped on the shaft to avoid any risk of snatching it during the fights.

!!! CAUTION !!! In order to offer different fights and sensations, pole weapons will sometimes not be allowed on the battlefield. We advise you equip yourself with a valid one handed weapon in order to participate to all those specific battles.

Axe simulator

Finding a good axe simulator is not easy. It must but sufficiently rigid so it can grab yet sufficiently flexible to not be too violent when hitting. Also add the fact it must be strong enough as it will hit shields. As it is almost impossible to unite all those characteristics, we have to make a choice.

Personally I like this one as it is ideal for grabbing. However it is rather short and hard hitting. It is important to note you have to saw the tip to have a more historical simulator. For those who feel like it, it is possible to remove the head to mount it on a wooden shaft and thus have a much more interesting size.

You can find this blunt at Black Armoury or Faits d'Armes

In our club, several of our members are equipped with this model whose form respect the typology of axe heads. Rather flexible, it is not optimal for grabbing (it’s not impossible but more difficult) but more lightweight and secured than the above model. We have so far nothing to say against its solidity..

You can find this blunt at Black Armoury or True History

A similar model exist for daneaxes which I recommend. Less flexible, it allows grabbing correctly without being too hard hitting.

You can find this blunt at Faits d'Armes, Black Armoury or True History

by Asbjorn
write the 06/08/2019