Useful information - Swords and scram

Hail! Today, we’re gonna talk about viking weapons, but not whatever one! Swords and scramasaxes!

Just like for all simulators, there are several solutions, depending on your expectations and your means. Okay, let’s not deny the facts, the better the simulator, the more expensive it will be…

The wooden simulators

With a bit of motivation and crafting, you can end up with a nice-looking simulator. However, no wooden weapons are allowed at Herja!

Nylon/plastic simulators

The nylons and plastic weapons make good simulators. The prices are varying according to the sellers, but if you are a good handyman, you can buy only the blade and make the rest of it by yourself.

  • solidity
  • correct or bad rendering of the sensations, varying along the models (weight, balance)
  • correct shape (blade, handle…)
  • less dangerous than the blade during sparrings, with simulator that bends, and never shatters during impacts.
  • the price
  • correct or bad rendering of the sensations, varying along the models (weight, balance)

A few links:

A good scramasaxe simulator
Correct to simulate a langseax typed long blade with one edge

Good simulator, but fragile pommel

Very good viking sword simulator

Steel simulators

To conclude, there are steel simulator. They offer the best performances on sensations, shapes, etc. Be careful, though, a steel reenactment sword MAY NOT BE a steel simulator fitting the requirements for viking battles with a fencing mask!

  • solidity
  • correct shape rendering (blade, handle)
  • correction sensation rendering (weight, balance…)
  • less dangerous than wood during sparings, with bending simulator at impact, with a blunted tip
  • prices

A few links:

The only simulators I can talk about, concerning swords is the one I use, sold by Black Armoury. Soft blade, blunted tip, weight similar to a real-life sword, good balance, respected proportions, and an interesting quality-price ratio.

For all of you curious people, I also leave here a hungarian blacksmith’s website, who works with tailored measurements, and whom I’ve never been disappointed with the weapons I bought from him (HEMA swords, reenactment swords and sharpened swords).

by Asbjorn
write the 05/04/2019