Useful information - The groin protection

Hail ! A word concerning the mandatory protection to engage in the fight for Herja : the groin protection!

I know it’s far from being sexy, and it’s even uncomfortable to some, but it remains important in order to protect your sensitive parts.

For gentlemen

There are three possibilities : standalone protection, sling protection, or the full protection shorts.

From what I experienced, the protective shorts are the best. It obviously moves less, and it’s more comfortable.

To purchase any groin protection, you can either take a look at specialised HEMA shops (like Fait d’Armes, Black Armoury, etc.) You can also look for them in sport shops, there usually is a lot of choice in the martial arts aisle.

Personally, I would recommend this model, sold by Fait d’Armes. It looks like a good compromise between comfort and protection.

For those willing to purchase online, this website offers diverse choices of any kind.

For ladies

I did not test them all but we gathered some feedback from some of our female warriors.

Concerning the "lower" area, there are boxing and martial cheap protections, but aside from the fact that they look like giant diapers, are very uncomfortable, causing a discomfort around the groin. However, they are the only ones that protects the whole surface of the pelvic area as well as the ovaries during a thrust blow for instance (no pun intended).

There also are smaller protection to slide in compression shorts more comfortable, but also more expensive, but they only protect the genital area, and barely cover the lower abdomen.

by Asbjorn
write the 04/13/2019