The only one french Huscarl viking fighting gathering for August 30 to September 1, 2024


HERJA is an event which aims to gather warriors and warrioresses, Vikings, Slavs, Francs and Byzantines, whom will battle together, being as historically accurate as possible, during two days.

In order to do this, we chose the fighting style that requires fencing masks and historical costumes : HEMA / HUSCARL.

One of these principal goal is to improve our researches on the reality of the fights during this era, mostly through battles, but also as discussions circles, demonstrations, conferences and every other activity we will be able to offer you.

HERJA aims to be an event gathering opponents, rather than a competition dividing enemies.

Herja is also a shop!

Do you want to help us finance future editions so that they are always richer and more interesting?
And at the same time offer yourself (or your loved ones) a nice present?