How's it going ?

Herja is an event that takes place over 3 days, from Friday to Sunday, with a dense program.

We alternate moments of line fights, tournaments in small groups or solo, periods of rest but also moments of conviviality and exchanges.

1/ The arrival

Herja takes place from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon, and since you often come from afar, sometimes even from other countries, you can arrive as early as Thursday, a permanence on the spot being assured all day and even the night for late arrivals.
It is also possible to arrive on site on Friday morning for those who prefer or have to leave in the morning.

For those who cannot take their Friday, we have no problem with coming only for the weekend. Ditto you can arrive on Friday evening / night or Saturday morning according to your preferences or constraints.

When you arrive, or at the opening if you arrive at night, we ask that you go quickly to Reception.

You will be welcomed there by our members in order to register your presence but also answer your questions about the organization of the weekend. It is also at this time that we will validate your choices as to whether or not to participate in the tournaments.

2/ The checks

This is the first important step of the event. It is at this time that our members will check the condition, historicity, safety but also compliance with our rules of all of your equipment and your outfit.

This is done twice, on 2 different stands in order to go faster.

As a reminder, during checks of your outfits, equipment and weapons, the decisions taken by those responsible at that time will be indisputable!

If you have any doubts about a point of rule, a weapon or protection you have, or any other question, do not hesitate to send us your questions via our contact form !

Equipment: For this stand we ask that you come with all of your weapons and shields at once so that we can check them one by one. Length, thickness, material, state of wear, security, historicity, everything goes there and is carefully scrutinized in order to be sure that the weapon respects 100% our regulations and is not dangerous for you or for the other participants. If your weapon is validated, a visual indicator (which changes every year) will be placed on it to inform everyone. Of course only weapons with this indicator are accepted during the fights during the event.

The danaxes: Since 2021, we have increased the weight of the Danaxes in order to improve their realism, which implies a greater risk of injury on impact. Therefore, anyone who wishes to be able to fight with a great ax in combat must pass an individual handling test to determine if it is safe enough for everyone.

Outfit: Here you come dressed and equipped as you will fight in the great battles. This will allow our members to ensure that you have respected the historicity and our rules on the mandatory elements but also that visually everything is correct.

Once you have validated everything on the two stands, the members who check your outfit will give you a medal, the visual of which also changes each year, which makes you eligible to participate in the fights on our event.

3/ The fights

Throughout the weekend, the majority of battles will take place in the main arena named Vigrid (in reference to the plain where the final battle is to take place during Ragnarok). All fights in this arena are always group fights, there are no solo fights here.

During these slots, which are the main activity of the event, there will be 2 types of battles:

1/ Small group battles: in the form of circles without honor, the different groups clash with one rule: be the last ones alive! These circles are often scheduled in the mornings on Friday and Saturday. It's a very good warm-up to get into the groove and it also allows the organization to judge the levels of each group which will allow us to better balance the battles.

2/ Battles: whether for the Great Battles, Capture the Banner, Total War or any other type of battle, the groups registered are divided into 2 armies in order to confront on Vigrid. Between 2 battles, it can happen that the orga move groups from one camp to another in order to balance the 2 armies, the battles will only be fiercer! Be reassured, however, we make it a point of honor never to separate a group that has registered together. You signed up together, you will fight together!

Another important point to know: depending on the rules or activities, in order to vary the combat experiences, we authorize or not throwing/shooting weapons during certain battles. The same applies to polearms (spear and danaxe) which may be temporarily prohibited. You must therefore come with a one-handed weapon (sword, scram or axe) in order to be able to participate in these battles. Important point during these battles without pole (and only during these battles), the limitations per group on the quantity of one-handed weapons are also removed, so you can have as many warriors with swords or sabers in your group as needed.

4/ Tournaments

What could be better than tournaments to measure yourself against other participants and judge your skills in a friendly way?

In Herja we organize 2 tournaments with the first rounds on Saturday and the final stages on Sunday so no risk, you can participate even if you are not available on Friday.

Duels: come and test your skills in single combat, all weapons combined. During this tournament, since it is individual, the restrictions on the maximum number of weapons. (epee, sabre, danaxe, etc.) as well as on the protections (helmet, chain mail, lamellar) per group do not count. It is however forbidden to pass the protections from one participant to another during the tournament. It is also forbidden to change weapons between 2 rounds during a duel.

Bridge: compete in teams of 5 on a bridge! There are two ways to win:
- kill all opponents
- hit the opponent's shield without being killed
Regarding restrictions on equipment during bridges, those on weapons are cancelled. However, for protections, the restrictions are not just lifted, armor no longer counts in terms of hit protection. Someone wearing a lamellar, for example, counts as wearing a woolen tunic. The choice to wear such protection during bridges is therefore purely aesthetic.

As regards registrations for these tournaments, they will be done when you arrive when you go to the Reception. What you have entered on your registration form for the event is for information only, it is used for the organization for the preparation of these tournaments.

5/ Meals

Friendly moments and sharing between participants, but also a break between fights, meals are all taken together in an outdoor area, in the shade and under cover.

Regarding meals, you are completely independent both for food and for what you need to eat. No meals provided by the organization are offered.

However, on Saturday noon and evening as well as Sunday noon, we will have the chance to welcome a foodtruck (list to come) on site in order to sustain you.

For those who prefer to bring their slab break, the use of a small outdoor stove for camping lovers remains possible, but you will not be able to make a fire for the kitchen as on a historical camp.

All this material will be made available free of charge by the Foyer so it will be advisable to take care of it. In addition, they will be shared with all participants whether in terms of time of use or available space. We obviously ask you to also respect the cleanliness of the premises.

You can also go out to eat or do your shopping if necessary thanks to the many restaurants, fast food outlets and supermarkets in the immediate vicinity of the Foyer.

WARNING! It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol of any kind before the fights, meal break included. So you will have to wait until evening to enjoy a little pick-me-up after a good day of fighting. We will be uncompromising on this point.

6/ Sleep

Also this year, a dedicated space will be available for those wishing to pitch a tent. There will be no restrictions on the types of tents you can bring, however we advise you to favor practicality over historicity.

It will be forbidden to sleep inside the Foyer for security reasons.

For those who wish, a few places will be available to sleep with members of the organization. Don't wait to show up because the few beds available will be filled first.

Those who prefer to sleep in a real bed, you can find several hotels where to sleep near the Foyer.

7/ Your stuff & le Bring & Buy

We introduced it in 2020 and have done it every year since. Tables and areas reserved for each registered group will be set up inside the room.

These personal and nominative spaces allow you to store and store all your belongings, both personal, combat (outfits, protections, weapons, etc.) as well as your water and food, throughout the weekend in order to avoid you return trips to your car.

We only ask that you respect the area assigned to you so that the room remains accessible and practical for everyone, as well as the equipment made available!

Bring & Buy: a stand will be made available to you to store the equipment you wish to sell (in relation to the practices carried out in Herja).

It will be managed by the organization, you will only have to deposit the material in question there, with a sale price and your name, and you will be informed if someone wants to buy it from you.

Of course we do not take any commission, tax, or anything of the kind on the sale, it is a space made available to you for free.

8/ Hygiene

The Foyer du Porteau is a party room and therefore has toilets which are available to everyone, 24 hours a day, inside the building.

To drink and other, there are several taps available inside but also outside the building at any time of the day. So plan your personal container to drink in order to avoid queues at the water points but also to be a little more serene in this difficult period due to COVID.

Unfortunately the Foyer does not have a shower, however at the outdoor water point, 2 shower tents as well as hoses are available for those who wish to freshen up in the fresh air (plan your personal toiletries).

Hydro-alcoholic gel is available at various locations throughout the venue.

9/ Departure

We are well aware that everyone has their own requirements, whether family or professional, and that some come from afar to participate in Herja. That's why you're free to go when it's best for you.

You have deliberately scheduled nothing on Sunday afternoon, because people often start leaving after the meal in order to drive quietly in the afternoon so as not to arrive home too late.

For those who stay and who still have the strength to fight after these intense 2 and a half days, it is often rather friendly and fun activities that are offered, such as our famous endless bridges with as many camps as possible but also respawn from the dead.

The end of the afternoon and evening are reserved for dismantling, storage and cleaning of the premises by the organization and any participants who wish to lend a hand.