Who are we?

HERJA is a group project on which are working two organisations: Ours d'Alfadir and Lames du Foyer.

We all are volunteers, and we all come from different social and professional backgrounds. We gather many different people of different ages and differences concerning battles and fights. What gathers us is held in a few words: study, experiment, share, and get together. They are the ideas which brought us together to participate and organise competitions and courses during the last current years. It is also to fill up these goals, concerning the viking fighting style that we created HERJA.

Les Ours d'Alfadir

Les Ours d'Alfadir

Our organisation endeavours in recreating the viking area during the raid times (about 700 to 1000 A.D.).

Although our principal activities are dedicated to military life, we explore other fields as well, such as crafting, or the habits and traditions of the daily life of them raiders-traders. The main goal of our troop is to have a learning piece of work on the way of life during this era, while conserving our friendly spirit.

We consider as hard as we can never to have fully filled heads and that everything they contain will be shared with great pleasure!

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Les Lames du Foyer

Les Lames du Foyer

Les Lames du Foyer is an HEMA club (and more), forming a whole section in the organisation of the Foyer du Porteau, in Poitiers. We practice many styles such as Long Sword, Heavy Armored Fighting, Wrestling, Viking Fighting and many others, following desires.

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