Elite troops

We studied the case of groups who want to participate to Herja and reenact elite troops.

We have decided to create a new class that troops can set up as during subscription. Here are the rules and exceptions for those elite troops.

WARNING ! The number of elites troops is limited to respect consistency of the event. For 2021 only 2 elite troops will be allowed!

  • An elite troop is composed of 5 people minimum
  • Every member must have a steel helmet secured for Huscarl. We will be watching this very closely. If an helmet is not congruent during checks, organisation is allowed to reject it.
  • Every member must wear a chainmail or lamellar armor
  • Historicity must be respected and sources can be requested
  • Restrictions of weapons ratio does not applied to elite troops
  • Elite troops accept by fact to potentially fight among a less numbered army for the balance of power.
If one of those conditions is not respected during checks, the troop won't be able to pretend as an elite troop and will have to modify it's equipment in order to respect weapons and protection ratio!