Bear circle


Type of combat: individual circle*, without honor** and without alliance***.

  • Works on vision in space.
  • Development of strategy and tactics.
  • Cardio work.
  • You must define a Combat Zone and a Non-Combat Zone.
  • You must set an action to perform when one is killed. For example, waiting 15 seconds before returning to fight in the Combat Zone, running around the field, performing push-ups, etc.
  • The fighters spread out in the Combat Zone.
  • When everyone is ready (equipped, in place and ready to fight) you can start the fights.
  • When a fighter is killed, he or she must go to the Out of Combat Zone and perform the agreed action.
  • A round ends when there is only one fighter left in the Combat Zone.
  • The game continues as long as necessary depending on the desired objective : warming up the fighters, raising the cardio to the highest level, etc.

It is a good idea to adapt the actions to be taken in the event of death according to the main objective of the work and the number of participants. For example with few fighters, it is interesting to choose a short respawn time. This reduced time frame also makes it possible to multiply the fights and increase the cardio '.

After a few rounds with a Circle of Wolves, you can start by forming teams of 2 fighters then, as the rounds go by, increase their number until you only have two groups.

* Every man for himself.
** No rules of engagement.
*** It is forbidden to form a lasting alliance with another fighter.