Bridge of 300


Type of combat: bridge fight.

  • Communications work.
  • Development of strategy and tactics.
  • Cardio work.
  • Working on group movements according to space.
  • Working on fighter relays.
  • Set up a bridge that must be at least 8m long and wide enough to place four fighters in the front line.
  • Starting from one end and moving towards the center of the bridge, the bridge should tighten to create a funnel effect. The narrowest part leaving room for only two fighters in the front line.
  • The number of fighters in each team is free, to be adapted according to the desired difficulty.
  • You have to determine a respawn condition (limited duration, run to a given point and come back etc). You can also decide that only one of the two teams has the Respawn bonus.
  • When a fighter is killed, they exit the bridge in such a way as to disturb the fights as little as possible and must fulfill the chosen Respawn condition.
  • To win the game you must kill all the fighters of the opposing team.
  • It is recommended to reverse the roles regularly, every two or three parts for example.