• Each army must choose 1 King who will stay as so for the whole War.
  • Each army must choose 2 Banner-bearers who can change between battles.
  • Each army has a Retreat Area.
  • Each army has a Starting Area for reinforcements.

How to win the war?

  • Kill the opponent King, which immediately end the battle and the War.
  • Win three battles.

Setup of a battle:

  • Each army must choose 2 Banner-bearers between the survivors of the previous battle.
  • The survivors of each army start in their respective Starting Zone.
  • Reinforcements must be placed in the Starting Area.

How to win a battle ?

  • When an army doesn't have any Banner-bearer alive on the battlefield.
  • When the enemy army joined their Retreat Area.

Special rules:

1/ A Banner-bearer can revive up to 3 fighters who died during the battle, except for the King, by touching them with the extremity of the banner's shaft.
A Banner-bearer cannot use the banner as a weapon.
If a Banner-bearer dies, the banner can be picked up by another fighter of this army who now becomes the new Banner-bearer. However, he doesn't not have the ability to revive the dead. This allow to keep the banner in the game and avoid a step toward defeat. If the banner is on the ground, the enemy army does not have the right to take or move it.

2/ Depending on the victory/defeat condition of the previous battle, some participants will become Reinforcements.
1 minute after the start of a battle, Reinforcements can join the fight.

Influence of a battle on the next one:

  • If an army manages to join its Retreat Area, all the dead of this last battle (even those put aside for this battle) can come back as Reinforcements to fight for the next battle. If an army joins its Retreat Area with less then 10 dead fighters during this battle, it will have to start the next battle with 10 fighters are Reinforcements. Survivors will have to be chosen to reach the total amount of 10 Reinforcements.
  • The army who wins a battle starts the next one with only the survivors of the previous battle. Its dead fighters will not come back as Reinforcements and are temporarily outside of the battlefield.
  • If an army wins a battle by killing the 2 opponent Banner-bearers, its dead fighters during this battle can come back as Reinforcements for the next battle.