Immortals bridge


Type of combat: bridge fight.

  • Communications work.
  • Development of strategy and tactics.
  • Cardio work.
  • Set up a bridge which must be at least 8m long and wide enough to place four fighters in the front line.
  • At each end of the bridge is a shield.
  • Each team is made up of an equal number of fighters, the exercise is interesting from 4 in each group.
  • You have to determine a respawn condition (limited duration, run to a given point and come back etc).
  • To win the game, you must either kill all the fighters on the opposing team, or manage to hit the opposing shield with a weapon held in your hand.
  • When a fighter is killed, he exits the bridge from the side to disturb the fights as little as possible and must fulfill the respawn condition that has been chosen. He must then return to combat via the starting point of his team.

We can add an additional rule on the number of possible respawns. For example, each fighter only has three lives. At the end of the third, no more possible respawn until the next game.